The people of East St. Louis have affirmed its confidence in Mayor Alvin L. Parks Jr. as he became the winner of the hotly contested mayoral race Tuesday night.

Parks had 3,985 votes to Carl Officer's 3,189, according to the unofficial results.

Parks has said all along that he needed and wanted some additional time as mayor so he could continue working to get East St. Louis back to the place where everyone once talked about it in a positive manner. There was lots of industry and entertainment. It was a vibrant city, Parks said.

City Council

Incumbent City Councilman Roy Mosley Sr. overwhelmingly won his seat back. He received 3,649 votes.
Latoya Greenwood won the second seat that was open on the City Council with 2,900 votes.

School Board

There were three seats available on the school board. The top three candidates were Irma Golliday with 3,346; Lavondia "Mae" Neely 2,863; and Khalil El-Amin with 2,674.



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April 05, 2011 Election Results


Alvin L. Parks Jr.: 3,985

Kevin McKinney: 185

Darnell Thompson: 103


Dorene C. Hoosman: 4,554

Victoria Cotton: 1,104


Lavondo Pulley: 2,753

Joe W. Lewis Jr.: 3,186

Marlene Smoot: 1,064


Roy Mosley Sr.: 3,649

Latoya N. Greenwood: 2,900

Robert Eastern, III: 2,697

Tommy Dancy: 2,027

Anne Walker: 768

Eddie A. Joshway: 505

Barbara Fulton Henderson: 396

Matthias Matt Hawkins: 316

Councilman (unexpired term)

Victoria Clay: 2,865

Emeka Jackson: 2,881

James Gibson: 836

East St. Louis District 189 Board of Education

Irma G. Golliday: 3,346

LaVondia "Mae" Neely: 2,863

Khalil El-Amin: 2,674

Karen A. Cason: 2,173

Toni Perrin: 2,133

Joseph Lewis: 1,936

Fonzy Coleman: 1,839

Mamie L. Cosey: 746

Alvin E. Bolden: 360

Misker Williams, III: 344

Evelyn Belfor: 174

Questions regarding voter registration or the election calendar may be addressed to the  St. Clair County Clerk's Office at (618) 277-6600 Ext. 2380.  http://www.stclaircountyclerk.com

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